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Terms of Service/FAQ’s

Bartender & Staff Overview:
Our staff has over 50 years of combined liquor experience.  Our Staff will be present to you and your guests for the length of your event. (If the event goes beyond the contracted time overage rates will apply). 

Do I the client pay for setup and tear down?
Setup and tear down is in our contracted price.  We require 30 minutes to setup and 30 minutes to tear down.  If your event is from 7:00-10:00 (3 hours) we will work out the contracted rates based on 4 hours.

Is Gratuity included?
NO, gratuity is NOT included.  Gratuity is strictly based on the client’s discretion.  You have the option of allowing a tip jar to be put out during your event.

What is your regular hourly Rate?
Each event is unique and we want to work with you to make your event great.  We do not have a set hourly rate.  Contact us to discuss your details and we would be happy to give you a quote!

Do you charge a per person fee?
No, we believe in a flat fee rate structure.  Not every adult attending your event will be drinking, so why should you have to pay for them?

How Do I contact Janet’s Catered Cocktails?
Easy – give us a call at 860-922-8783 or email Janet at  janet@janetscateredcocktails.com

Does Janet provide the mixers and ice?
Yes. All non-alcoholic mixers and garnishes are included in our flat rate.  Lemons, Limes, Olives, Cherries, Club Soda, Tonic Water, Soda, Bottled Water and Sparkling Water, etc.  We bring our own ice (if needed) to keep beer and white wine cold, as well as to use in our cocktails.

Does Janet Provide the bar tools and utensils?
Yes.  We are a full service bartending staff.  We bring our own shakers, pourers, stirrers, corkscrews, bar towels, cutting boards, and anything else that might be needed.  Any specialty items are the responsibility of the host (such as napkins with your corporate logo)

How does the alcohol get to my event?
You buy the alcohol from us.  We bring it with us.  Unlike other bartending services that charge you a per person rate and then keep the alcohol - You get to keep what you pay for or, if you prefer, we can find a nice home for it!

How much does Janet charge for the liquor and wine?
We charge basically the same prices that you could buy the liquor/wine in the package store for.  You only pay for what gets opened and you get to keep what you pay for.

How do I know what types and how much alcohol to buy?
That is what we are here for!  We want to work with you to pick the right items and make it work in your budget.  If you do not know, or don’t want to be involved in picking out the liquor, then we can do it all for you, and best of all, you only pay for what we open!

What about glasses?
When necessary, we bring our own glassware.  Our glasses include wine, cocktail, beer, shot and champagne.  With about 30 minutes left in your event we switch to plastic glasses.  Unlike other bartending services, this is NOT an up charge.  Glasses are included in your flat rate.

Can you bring a Bar?
Yes, when necessary we can provide tables and linens to make our own bars.  Again, no additional charge!

What does your staff wear?
Unless otherwise instructed, our bartenders will be dressed in business attire (suits and dresses, etc).  However, this is your event – do we need to wear something different?

Who is responsible for my guests?
As a professional bartender service we do check ID’s when needed.  As TIPS certified professionals, we provide our services with responsible alcohol awareness. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to any of your guests, who in our judgment, have had too much to drink or are under the legal age.  However, as the host, you are ultimately responsible for all your guests.

Are your bartenders certified or licensed?
All of our bartenders are T.I.P.S. certified and trained with extensive bar experience.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we are fully licensed and insured in the state of Connecticut and will provide proof on request.

Is there tax in CT on your services?
Yes, we are required by law to charge and pay tax on bartending services and the purchase of liquor.

What are your payment methods? Do you require a down payment?
We accept all major credit cards as well as checks.  We require a 50% down payment that we will credit to the amount of the final balance due the day of the event.  Balances are expected to be paid at the conclusion of the event.  Balances not paid at the closing of the event will be subject to a $35 per day late fee each day until paid in full.  A returned check fee of $30 will be charged for all returned checks.


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